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A completely innovative app to request taxis has arrived in Colombia, one that takes the taxi lines and profesional taxi drivers of the country and puts them in the palm of your hand so requesting a safe, good quality taxi ride is easy and comfotable.

Nekso brings a modern feel to taxi services in Colombia, allowing the drivers to connect directly with the passengers through the app, under the control and surveillance of the taxi lines, ensuring everybody’s safety and respecting all the colombian rules and regulations.

Besides, Nekso offers promotions and discounts for you, and our exclusive Nekso Club, in which drivers and passengers get benefits for using the app.

Taxi lines

To learn the advantages Nekso brings to your taxi line and how to affiliate it with Nekso.

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To know more about Nekso and how it helps you as a driver.

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If you’re a passenger, you can see all the benefits Nekso has for you.

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Colombia’s Nekso Experience is barely starting and Little by Little we will be adding more advantages and benefits, until it is complete.