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Now Ecuador counts with a safe and trustworthy way of requesting taxi rides through a mobile app with Nekso, the platform that connects taxi cooperatives, drivers and passengers.

Nekso brings a modern feel to the taxi services in Ecuador, allowing drivers to take services directly from the passengers through the app, under the control and watching eye of the cooperatives, reinforcing everybody’s safety.

Besides, Nekso offers promotions and discounts for you, and our exclusive Nekso Club, in which drivers and passengers get benefits for using the app.


To learn the advantages Nekso brings to your cooperative.

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o know more about Nekso and how it helps you as a driver.

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If you’re a passenger, you can see all the benefits Nekso has for you.

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Move with Nekso and enjoy all the features available in Ecuador, and stay up to date because Little by Little we will be adding more, until the Ecuador Nekso Experience is complete.