How does Nekso work?

Nekso is an app that connects passengers and drivers from traditional taxi lines in the city, allowing them to request a taxi without having to make a phone call to each taxi line.

How can I download the app for Android?

Enter the Google Play Store app, tap “Search” and write “Nekso” in the search field.
Tap the Driver version, which has a blue icon.
When you see the app information screen, tap “install” and wait for the download and installation process to end.

How can I download the app for iOS?

The driver version of the app is not yet available for iOS.

Does my rating matter?

Your rating allows us to build a close knit and safer community. When you rate honestly, you give Nekso information about that passenger that we can later use to improve the experience of all users.

Can I use Nekso without a Smartphone?

No. Nekso requires the Android and iOS operative systems to work.
To join Nekso as a driver, you must have a compatible Android smartphone.

Is there a distance limit for rides?

No. Rides with Nekso can go from a couple of blocks to between different cities. Consider your line may have special policies and extra costs for rides outside of the city.

I want to be a Nekso Driver, but my Taxi Line is not listed.

While you are registering, select “Digital Driver” as your Taxi Line. You will have to wait for one of our communications specialists to contact you and refer you to one of our taxi lines. Likewise, your Taxi Line can contact us via and request to join us.

I am pending for approval.

If you see a message that reads “pending for approval”, it means the Taxi Line you registered has not validated you as one of its drivers yet.
If this is the case, you cannot be available, receive passenger requests, nor edit your profile.
When the Taxi Line approves of you, you can use the app.

When I open the app, I see a message that reads “User Denied”

This means the Taxi Line you selected during the registration process has denied your access to the app. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Your personal or car information in the app is different from that registered in the Taxi Line.
  2. Your profile or car picture is not appropriate (n)or valid.
  3. The Taxi Lines does not validate you as one of its drivers.
If you believe this is an error, contact your Taxi Line.

When I open the app, I see a message that reads “User Suspended”

This means the Taxi Lines you selected during the registration process has suspended your access to the app. While you are suspended, you cannot be available nor receive requests from passengers. Contact your Taxi Line to find out the reasons for your suspension.

I want to find passengers

When you open the app and log in, you will see a message that reads “You are not available”. To start receiving passenger requests, tap on the button located on the upper corner on the screen. This will automatically allow you to receive requests.

The passenger is not on pick up location.

We kindly ask our drivers to wait at pick up location for five (5) minutes. This will give the passenger some time to arrive in case something has come up. Please, try to contact the passenger before cancelling the ride.

I cannot find the passenger.

The map application that Nekso uses might show a slightly different location. If you do not find the passenger, try to contact them for a reference point or more information.

Emergency Button.

The Emergency Button is only available while you are in ongoing mode. You can use this feature to communicate with the Taxi Line Operator in case of an emergency. If you tap on the emergency button, a notification will be sent to the Taxi Line Operator, and a call will be placed to the Taxi Line. You will also have the option to send your current location to your emergency contacts.

I lost my phone.

First of all, contact your Taxi Line for suspending your account. That way, no one else will be able to use your account to receive passenger requests nor make rides. When you acquire a new phone, contact your Taxi Line to reactive of your account.

A passenger left something in my car.

Inform your Taxi Line operator or send an email to describing the object, passenger and ride information. A Communication Specialists will assist you.

I would like to use my phone while I am driving.

According to Venezuelan regulations, drivers are not allowed to use their phone while driving. Nekso drivers are held responsible for not abiding by Venezuelan laws and regulations; therefore, we encourage our drivers to use a speaker or headset while driving.

I received Nekso Notifications.

Nekso trusts and depends on notifications to inform users about news and relevant information related to the app; thus, we recommend you to keep them active. We feel they are more reliable and user friendly than SMS.

What can I do if I can’t Access my account?

If you forgot your password, tap “Forgot your password” and follow the on-screen steps. Make sure you have access to the email address you used to register to Nekso.
If you know your user name and password and still can’t access your account, write to a detailed description of your problem, brand and model of your phone so we can help you as soon as possible.

I want to edit my profile

If you are a registered driver, you can edit the information you submitted by tapping on “My Account” in the Main Menu. If you edit your phone number, we will send you a code, and ask you to verify your number again. If you edit your email address, you will have to verify it by clicking on the link we will send to your new address. If you edit your car information, your Taxi Line Operator will receive a notification. The Taxi Line will be asked to accept or reject the changes.

I want to change my profile picture

Tap on “My Account” section in the Main Menu. Tap on “Edit”, and then on your profile picture.
Decide if you will choose a picture from your Gallery or take a new one.
Remember this will be the picture that passengers see when they select you.
When you are happy with your selection, save your changes.

I forgot my password.

In case you forget your password, open the app and tap on the “Forgot Password” button you will find at the bottom of your screen.
Enter your email address, and we will send you a link to change your password.

I want to change my password.

To change your password, tap on “My Account” in the Main Menu. You will see your user profile information and find the “Change Password” option at the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to enter your current password as well as the new one to save the changes.

I want to enter my car information

During the registration process, after submitting your personal information, you will be asked to enter all the information related to your vehicle. The Taxi Line will be asked to verify and validate this information.

I want to edit the car information I submitted

Any driver can edit the car information (s)he submitted during the registration process. However, after any change, the Taxi Line operator will receive a notification and will be asked to verify the new information. After verification, the Operator can accept or reject the changes, as well as suspend the driver’s account if the information is not correct.

Does my car fit Nekso requirements?

All drivers must follow their Taxi Line Regulations. Taxi Lines make the final decision about car requirements and conditions, and they have the power to deny or grant app access to drivers based on these requirements.

What methods of payment are available to the Nekso Passengers?

Passengers can choose to pay in cash or with their credit card. As a driver, you will be informed of the choice they make.

How will I receive the payment from passenger who paid with credit card?

Payments made with credit card are managed through MercadoPago, a MercadoLibre product. Once the payment is processed, the payment for the service will be sent directly to your MercadoPago account.

How do I connect my Nekso and MercadoPago accounts?

This process only has to be done once and it’s needed so you can receive the payments directly to your account.
To make the connection, go to the following link and log in with the same credentials you use in the app.
You can also find the option in the app menu and proceed to make the connection by following the on-screen steps.
You can make an appointment at our local Nekso Point to receive help connecting your accounts.

I don’t have a MercadoPago account and a passenger paid the service with credit card. How do I get my money?

You must create a MercadoPago account, which you can do through this link. You must fill all the information requested. After you finish your registration, connect your new account to Nekso and the transfer will be made to your account.
You can make an appointment at our local Nekso Point to receive help in the creation of your MercadoPago account.

How can I retrieve my money from MercadoPago account?

Going to your MercadoPago account and making a withdrawal of funds. Log in and enter the summary of your MercadoPago to see your available funds. Do the withdrawal by introducing the information of your bank account and a special password MercadoPago will request from you. Two working days later, you will have your money in your bank account.
In this link you can find more help on the workings of MercadoPago so you can manage your money.

How can I obtain a Professional MercadoPago account?

As a Nekso driver, get in touch with the communications department, visit the driver assistance office or write an email to to request the change of your account from personal to professional.
This process can take a few days.

How does the payment of promos work?

In the case of promotions, the passenger will pay you a part of the service and Nekso will deposit the rest of it in your MercadoPago account. You can withdraw it from MercadoPago normally.

Can I opt out of the promos?

No. As a Nekso driver you must partake in all the promos Nekso offers. The promos won’t represent any monetary loss for you in any way. You will receive your payments normally, the only difference is Nekso will pay for a part of the service and the passenger will pay the other.

Can I modify the estimated rate?

Yes. You can modify the estimated rate reducing or increasing the amount as you see fit, depending on the conditions of the specific service, until a predetermined limit stablished by Nekso.

How will I get paid for the corporate services?

The payment for each corporate service will be deposited in your MercadoPago account the next working day after the date of the service.

When will I receive my electronic payments?

Payments made by passengers with credit card will appear in your MercadoPago account balance immediately.
Corporate services will appear the next working day.
Payments for promotions go through a brief verification process before they are deposited in your account.

How long must I wait for my electronic payments to be available?

If your MercadoPago account is personal, you must wait 12 continuous days to withdraw the funds. If your account is professional, you can withdraw them in 2 days.

How is the estimated cost calculated?

The Nekso estimated cost is calculated based on both distance between the origin and destination points and the estimated time of ride. Nekso also takes into consideration non-work days and other things that can alter the normal cost of the ride.
On the other hand, the rates are decided by each line, which can also affect the final cost in comparison to the Nekso estimated cost.
Lastly, taking into consideration things like traffic, hour of the day and destination, you can make a final modification to the estimated cost, Bs. 200 below or above the original.

I received a Connection Error message

If you receive this message, your data connection is probably not active or the signal is failing. Verify your data connection and try again. If you believe your connection is fine, send an email to, explain the situation in detail (include screen captures if possible), and we will verify what the problem is.

My phone does not support Nekso.

Nekso was developed initially for Android and later for iOS. For Android, the app is compatible with phones up to Android 2.2 (Froyo), API level 8.

The temperature of my phone increases when I use Nekso.

Nekso uses your phone’s GPS to detect your current location, as well as your data connection; therefore, it is expected that phone temperature increases while Nekso is in use (varies based on phone model). We recommend you to keep it away from direct sunlight and in a cool environment to help control its temperature and avoid overheating.

When I use the app, it freezes up or stops.

If you receive and “error” message or the app suddenly stops while you are using it, send us an email to reporting the problem you are having. Include your phone’s detailed information so that we can properly assist you.

When a new passenger signs up and redeems your invite code, you’ll both get rewarded. As a driver you’ll get a referral bonus and the passenger will get a discount when they complete their first ride with a different driver.

Earned ride discounts

As a referred passenger, when you’ve redeemed your friend’s code you’ll receive a (%) discount on your first ride.
Who invites?
Driver invites passenger

Driver Bonus


Driver Bonus


* The bonus will only be valid if the referred passenger completes their first ride with a different driver.

* The amount of the driver's bonus may vary depending on the region of the taxi line that approved the driver.

* The referred passenger gets a 20% discount on their first ride if they complete it with a driver other than the one who referred them.

How do I take part of the referral program?

Sharing your exclusive code with those passengers who don’t use Nekso.

  • Invite the new passenger to download and use the app, giving them your referral code, if possible, in writing.
  • Once the passenger downloads the app, they must type in your referral code in the dedicated space during the registration process.
  • The process finishes when the passenger completes their first Nekso ride with a different driver. They will get a 20% discount on their first ride and you will get a bonus in your local currency (Bs. 1000 if you’re in Venezuela or $3 if you’re in Ecuador), which will be deposited in your account.

What is the referral code?

It’s a unique and exclusive code that you can share in a variety of ways with your passengers and friends for them to download and use Nekso, and that way earn bonuses in your local currency (Bs. 1000 in Venezuela or $3 in Ecuador).

In the app, tap the three lines icon to open the main menu and then tap “share”

There you will see your code, four letters and four numbers; and will have a variety of options to share it digitally with your contacts and friends, via social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, or instant messaging apps, like SMS or WhatsApp.

You can also share your code with those of your passengers who don’t use Nekso, inviting them personally to download the app and use your code.

What is my reward for recommending Nekso to my passengers?

When you use your referral code to a passenger who has never used Nekso, and you invite them to download and use the app, this person can type in your code in the space dedicated for it in the registration process.

When a passenger who redeemed your code completes their first ride with a different driver, they will get a 20% discount and you will earn a bonus in your local currency (Bs. 1000 in Venezuela or $3 in Ecuador), which will be deposited in your account.

Share your code with as many passengers as you can, because the more of them redeem your code, the more bonuses you get.

The very first ride of a passenger I referred must be with a different driver?

Yes. To obtain the rewards from the referral program, the passenger who redeemed your code must complete their very first ride with a different driver.

The bonus will not activate and will be nullified, as well as the passenger’s discount, if their first Nekso ride is with the driver whose code they redeemed when they registered.

Will I get a bonus if active Nekso users redeem my code?

No. Active Nekso users cannot redeem other people’s codes.

You will only receive a bonus for each new passenger who registers to Nekso using your code and completes their first ride with another driver.

Must I complete a certain number of rides to get my bonus from the referral program?

No. To obtain your bonus from the referral program you just have to wait for the new user to complete their first ride with another driver.

How can I know who has redeemed my code and how many referral bonuses I have earned?

In the app, tap the three lines icon to open the main menu. Then tap “share” to see your code.

There, tap the three dots icon to see more details about your code.

In the section “Redeemed and completed a service” you will see a list of those people who redeemed your code when they registered and have already completed a ride, along with the information that the bonus has been deposited to your account.

In the section “Redeemed your code” you can see a list of those who redeemed your code when they registered but haven’t completed their first ride with the app.

Until these users complete their first ride with another driver, the bonus will not be activated and will not be deposited in your account.

More details about the referral code

Each user has been assigned an exclusive code to share with their contacts and friends, called Referral code.

This code can only be redeemed by new user of Nekso, that is, passengers who have never completed a service with the app.

Each passenger can only redeem one code, but each code can be redeemed by many passengers.

What is Club Nekso?

Nekso Club is a fidelity reward program that Nekso has created for you. When you register to the app, you enter automatically and you earn rewards with your frequent use of the app.

You don’t have to do anything special to earn the Nekso Club, just use the app normally and complete the number of rides needed to reach a certain level.

How many levels does Nekso Club have?

Nekso Club has three levels; which you reach according to the number of monthly rides you make with Nekso.

  • Opening Paths
  • Agile in the city
  • Stuck to the wheel

The higher the level, the better the reward you earn.

What do I win for reaching a certain Nekso Club level?

When you reach a certain level in the Nekso Club, you win access to a variety of prizes that get better according to the level you’re in. Each level adds more prizes to those from the previous levels.

  • Opening paths will get you a carwash service.
  • Agile in the city gets POP material.
  • Stuck to the wheel will get you an oil change service for your car.

How many rides must I complete to reach each level?

You must complete monthly the following number of rides to reach each level:

  • For Opening paths, complete 30 rides.
  • For Agile in the city, complete 60 rides.
  • For Stuck to the wheel, complete 120 rides.

Each month the counter is reset and rides completed during the month that has ended will not be added to the rides made during the new month.

How long do I have to complete the number of rides required for each level?

You have one month, which starts on the day you register, to complete the number of rides you need to reach a level. Each month, the counter resets and rides you completed on the previous month will not be added to the rides you complete on the new month.

When does the Nekso Club cycle start?

Your Nekso Club cycle starts when you finish your first ride. You can consider this your cutoff date, and you have a month from that day to complete the rides.

For example, if your first ride was on September 14th, your Nekso Club cutoff date is on the 14th of each month.

Which rides count for Nekso Club?

All rides made, no matter the payment method, cost, whether it’s in promotion or if a Nekso Club or Referral Code discount has been applied, counts for the Club Nekso monthly total.

What are the stars for?

When you reach a level in Nekso Club, you get a star, which activates the rewards you have earned.

Each level has a number of stars you can get, one per month. Once you have completed all the stars of one level, they will turn into a star of the next level, the next time you reach that level again.

For example, if you get an Opening paths star three times, you will get three stars for that level. When you reach the level for the fourth time, the three Opening paths stars will become an Agile in the city star and you will be able to enjoy the reward from this level.

How many stars do I need to get for each level?

For the Nekso Club levels you need the following number of stars:

  • Opening paths: 3 stars.
  • Agile in the city: 4 stars
  • Stuck to the wheel: 5 stars.

How do I get and accumulate stars?

Completing the required number of rides for each level. By reaching the same level several times, you accumulate the stars and can later turn them into a star of the next level.

Do I have to choose between getting the discount or saving the stars to reach the next level?

No. Once you get a star for any Nekso Club level, the discounts that come with it are used automatically in the following rides until you use all the discounts you have earned.

Your star will still be there, and you can still accumulate it to get a star for the next level.

When do my Nekso Club prizes expire?

After they are granted, you have 30 continuous days to claim your prizes. Once the next count is done, you won’t be able to claim the prizes you got the previous month.