I lost my phone.

You can contact to inform your loss, and ask our Communication Specialist to suspend your account. When you have a new phone, request for the reactivation of your account. We recommend you to change your password.

I left something inside the driver’s car.

If you believe you left something inside the car, contact the Taxi Line to report your loss. You can also write an email describing the object, ride and driver to You can find all the ride information by tapping on the “History” option in the Main Menu.

I want to contact my driver while (s)he is driving.

According to Venezuelan driving regulations, drivers are not allowed to use their phones while driving; however, all drivers are encouraged to use a headset while driving. If this is not the case, we are afraid your driver will not be able to take your call.

The driver did not show up at pick up location.

We kindly ask our passengers to wait at pick up location for five (5) minutes. This will give the driver some time to arrive in case something has come up. Please, try to contact the driver before cancelling the ride.

I would like to find a driver.

When you open the app, you will see a main map view. Tap on the confirmation button you find at the bottom right corner of the screen to begin your request, and we will automatically detect your current location. Select your destination and tap on the confirmation button again. Select your preferences: You can send a request to be chosen by any available driver near you, or choose for yourself from a list of drivers and taxi lines. When you are happy with your selection, wait to be notified that your driver has arrived.

I received a notification that reads “Your driver has arrived”, but I cannot find the driver.

The map application that Nekso uses might show a slightly different location. If you do not find the driver, try to contact them for more information.

Emergency Button.

The Emergency Button is only available while you are in ongoing mode. You can use this feature to communicate with the Taxi Line Operator in case of an emergency. If you tap on the emergency button, a notification will be sent to the Taxi Line Operator, and a call will be placed to the Taxi Line. You will also have the option to send your current location to your emergency contacts.

Do I have to rate the driver?

The purpose of our rating system is to monitor the quality of the service we provide to our users. We kindly ask our users to be completely honest when rating as well as to notify us of any inconveniences. When you rate your driver, this will have an impact on his/her driving score, and other passenger will be able to see it before selecting him/her while making a new request.

I received Nekso Notifications.

Nekso trusts and depends on notifications to inform users about news and relevant information related to the app; thus, we recommend you to keep them active. We feel they are more reliable and user friendly than SMS.

How does Nekso work?

Nekso is an app that connects passengers and drivers from traditional taxi lines in the city, allowing you to request a taxi without having to make a phone call to each taxi line.

How can I download the app for Android?

Enter the Google Play Store app, tap “Search” and write “Nekso” in the search field.
If you’re a passenger, tap the passenger version, which has a pink icon.
When you see the app information screen, tap “install” and wait for the download and installation process to end.

How can I download the app for iOS?

Open the App Store app, tap “Search” and then write “Nekso” in the search field.
Tap the name of the app and when you see the app information screen, tap “get” and then “install”.
Wait for the download and installation process to finish.

Does my rating matter?

Your rating allows us to build a close knit and safer community. When you rate honestly, you give Nekso information about that driver, which we can later use to improve the experience of all users.

Is Nekso always available?

As long as there are drivers set to “available” mode, you can use Nekso to request a taxi, with all of the app’s functions totally active.

What is the mínimum age to use Nekso?

Nekso has no age limit other than the one given by common sense and safety regards.
Since it is an app trough which you can make payments, we suggest keeping out of reach of small children.
Likewise, we suggest never sending small children or elderly people or people who are in need of special care, alone in a transportation service like the one offered by Nekso.

Can I use Nekso without a Smartphone?

No. Nekso requires the Android and iOS operative systems to work.
However, in places affiliated to our corporate service, you can ask the person in charge to request a Nekso for you from the webpage. Your cell phone will only receive SMS type messages. Consider always that services requested this way must be paid in cash.

Can I request a cab with Nekso without downloading the app?

At certain points of the city, which are affiliated to our Nekso Corporate service, you can find our guest identifier, which contains a QR code and a link.
You can use either one to request a Nekso taxi without downloading the app.
Consider services requested like this must be paid in cash.

Can I request a specific driver?

Yes. When creating your request, touch “Select from list” to see a list of all available drivers at that moment. Find the driver you want and touch their name to send the request only to them.

Can I request a taxi for someone else?

Due to the great importance we at Nekso give to the safety of both our passengers and drivers, you can’t request a Nekso for someone else from your account if you are not riding with them.

Can I take animals with me in my Nekso taxi?

Nekso doesn’t have any regulations about this, but the different taxi lines we work with do.
Our recommendation is that you contact the driver who accepted the request and ask them if they have a problem with you taking animals with you.

Is there a distance limit for rides?

No. Rides with Nekso can go from a couple of blocks to between different cities. Consider your driver and their line may have special policies and extra costs for rides outside of the city.

I want to register as a passenger

Download the app from your app store. Log in using Facebook, or enter a valid email account to register as a new user. Complete and save all the information.

What can I do if I can’t Access my account?

If you forgot your password, tap “Forgot your password” and follow the on-screen steps. Make sure you have access to the email address you used to register to Nekso.
If you know your user name and password and still can’t access your account, write to a detailed description of your problem, brand and model of your phone so we can help you as soon as possible.

I want to edit my profile

If you are a registered passenger, you can edit the information you submitted by tapping on “My Account” in Main Menu. If you edit your phone number, we will send you a code, and ask you to verify your number again. If you edit your email address, you will have to verify it by clicking on the link we will send to your new address.

I want to change my profile picture

Tap on “My Account” section in the Main Menu. Tap on “Edit”, and then on your profile picture. Decide if you will choose a picture from your Gallery or take a new one. Remember this will be the picture that drivers see when you make a new request. When you are happy with your selection, save your changes.

I forgot my password.

In case you forget your password, open the app and tap on the “Forgot Password” button you will find at the bottom of your screen. Enter your email address, and we will send you a link to change your password.

What payment methods do you have for this service?

You can pay your ride in cash or using a Visa or Master Card credit card, through the MercadoPago platform.

At which point can I select the payment method?

You can choose the payment method as part of the request preferences or during the ride, when it’s time to pay the service, simply touch the option between “cash” and “credit card” as you prefer.

Do I need a MercadoPago account to pay with credit card?

t’s not necessary, MercadoPago is only the platform that will process your credit card, but you don’t need an account with them to be able to use the credit card payment option in Nekso.

How do I pay with credit card?

Select the “credit card” option in the request preferences or at the moment of payment. Input the card and card holder information requested and touch “accept”.
MercadoPago will process your payment and respond with an approval or denial notice.

How can I register my credit card?

The data of your credit card, except the CVV code, are registered after your first completed payment with it.
From then on, you will only need to input the CVV code at the moment of payment.

How many credit cards can I register in Nekso?

At the moment, you can only register one Visa or Master Card card with Nekso.

Can I retry my payment with credit card if it was denied?

Yes. You can try again with the same card, editing the data if necessary; or use a different card to retry your payment.

How can I know the payment was approved?

At the moment of processing the payment, you will be informed within the app of the result of the process.

How can I use the promotions?

The promotions are applied automatically to all the services that comply to the requirements.
You can see the available promotions in the “Offers” section of the “Rewards” menu.

How can I know how much do I have to pay?

The app will indicate an estimated cost for the ride, which the driver can modify for a maximum of Bs. 200.
When the driver makes the charge, the app will let you know the total amount to pay, including all modifications made to the estimated cost, such as the ones made by the driver or by the promotions.

How can I get a receipt for the ride?

You will receive an email with all the details of the service and your payment, that you can print for your files, if you need to.
For this, it is important you register with an email address you have access to.

Why must I pay in cash my Corporate Guest Nekso?

Credit card payments are done directly through our app, while requests done from our Nekso Corporate points are done without downloading the app.
This is why you can’t pay with credit card any service requested from the Guest Identifier.

How is the cost calculated?

The Nekso estimated cost is calculated based on both distance between the origin and destination points and the estimated time of ride. Nekso also takes into consideration non-work days and other things that can alter the normal cost of the ride.
On the other hand, the rates are decided by each line, which can also affect the final cost in comparison to the Nekso estimated cost.
Lastly, taking into consideration things like traffic, hour of the day and destination, he driver can make a final modification to the estimated cost, Bs. 200 below or above the original.

I received a Connection Error message

If you receive this message, your data connection is probably not active or the signal is failing. Verify your data connection and try again. If you believe your connection is fine, send an email to, explain the situation in detail (include screen captures if possible), and we will verify what the problem is.

My phone does not support Nekso.

Nekso was developed initially for Android and later for iOS. For Android, the app is compatible with phones up to Android 2.2 (Froyo), API level 8.

The temperature of my phone increases when I use Nekso.

Nekso uses your phone’s GPS to detect your current location, as well as your data connection; therefore, it is expected that phone temperature increases while Nekso is in use (varies based on phone model). We recommend you to keep it away from direct sunlight and in a cool environment to help control its temperature and avoid overheating.

When I use the app, it freezes up or stops.

If you receive and “error” message or the app suddenly stops while you are using it, send us an email to reporting the problem you are having. Include your phone’s detailed information so that we can properly assist you.

What is Club Nekso?

Nekso Club is a fidelity reward program that Nekso has created for you. When you register to the app, you enter automatically and you earn rewards with your frequent use of the app.

You don’t have to do anything special to earn the Nekso Club, just use the app normally and complete the number of rides needed to reach a certain level.

How many levels does Nekso Club have?

Nekso Club has four levels, which you reach according to the number of monthly rides you make with Nekso.

  • Explorer
  • City Dweller
  • Super Traveller
  • Elite

The higher the level, the better the reward you earn.

What do I win for reaching a certain Nekso Club level?

When you reach a certain level in the Nekso Club, you earn a discount for a certain number of rides, that still count for the following month’s total.

  • Explorer will get you 15% discount for 2 rides.
  • City Dweller will get you 25% discount for 3 rides.
  • Super Traveller will get you 30% discount for 5 rides.
  • Elite will get you 50% discount for 7 rides.

Discounts only apply to urban rides up to 30km.

How many rides must I complete to reach each level?

You must complete monthly the following number of rides to reach each level:

  • For Explorer, complete 25 rides.
  • For City dweller, complete 35 rides.
  • For Super traveller, complete 60 rides.
  • For Elite, complete 75 rides.

You must complete the total of rides required in a single month because at the end of the cycle, the counter restarts.

How long do I have to complete the number of rides required for each level?

You have one month, which starts on the day you make your first ride, to complete the number of rides you need to reach a level. Each month, the counter resets and rides you completed on the previous month will not be added to the rides you complete on the new month.

If you have previously reached a Nekso Club level, the rides with discount from the reward do count for the total monthly count.

When does the Nekso Club cycle start?

Your Nekso Club cycle starts when you finish your first ride. You can consider this your cutoff date, and you have a month from that day to complete the rides.

For example, if your first ride was on September 14th, your Nekso Club cutoff date is on the 14th of each month.

Which rides count for Nekso Club?

All completed rides, including those with applied discounts or promotions. Corporate rides are excluded from the monthly total.

What are the stars for?

When you reach a level in Nekso Club, you get a star, which activates the rewards you have earned.

Each level has a number of stars you can get, one per month. Once you have completed all the stars of one level, they will turn into a star of the next level, the next time you reach that level again.

For example, if you get an Explorer star three times, you will get three stars for that level. When you reach the level for the fourth time, the three Explorer stars will become a City Dweller star and you will be able to enjoy the reward from this level.

How many stars do I need to get for each level?

For the Nekso Club levels you need the following number of stars:

  • Explorer: 3 stars.
  • City Dweller: 4 stars.
  • Super traveller: 5 stars.
  • Elite: 7 stars.

How do I get and accumulate stars?

Completing the required number of rides for each level. By reaching the same level several times, you accumulate the stars and can later turn them into a star of the next level.

Do I have to choose between getting the discount or saving the stars to reach the next level?

No. Once you get a star for any Nekso Club level, the discounts that come with it are used automatically in the following rides until you use all the discounts you have earned.

Your star will still be there, and you can still accumulate it to get a star for the next level.

Do Nekso Club discounts combine with other discounts?

No. The discounts you get from Nekso Club are used automatically in the rides you make right after getting them.

If you get discounts from sharing your referral code, they will be used automatically in the order in which you got them, that is, if you got referral discounts before the end of the Nekso Club cycle, the referral discounts will be used first and the Nekso Club ones afterwards.

The Nekso Club discounts don’t apply when there’s another active promotion either.

When do my Nekso Club discounts expire?

After they are granted, you have 30 continuous days to redeem your discounts.

When a new passenger signs up and redeems your invite code, you’ll both get rewarded. As passengers, you will both get a discount, you on your next ride and them on their first ride.

Earned ride discounts

As a referred passenger, when you’ve redeemed your friend’s code you’ll receive a (%) discount on your first ride.
Who invites?
Passenger or driver invites passenger
will receive a 20% discount on their first ride.
will receive a 20% discount on their next ride.

* The discount of referring passenger will become valid when the new passenger completes their first ride.

* Percentage (%) discounts may vary by location.

What is the referral code?

It’s a unique code, exclusive to you, that you can share in a variety of ways with your contacts so they download and use Nekso, so both of you can win discounts.

In the app, tap the three lines icon to open the main menu, then tap “Rewards” and you will see your code, a combination of four letters and four numbers; and you will have a variety of sharing options via social networks, like Facebook or Twitter, or instant messaging apps, like SMS or WhatsApp.

How can I know my code?

In the app:

  • Tap the three lines icon to open the main menu.
  • Tap “Rewards” to open the rewards menu.
  • There you can see your code and your Nekso Club status.

What is my reward for sharing my code?

You will receive a 20% discount on your next service that doesn’t qualify for any other offer for each person who registers and uses Nekso redeeming your code. The referred you shared your code with will receive a 20% discount on their first ride.

The discount will only activate when the referred completes their first ride, that means, you don’t receive your 20% discount until the other person completes their first Nekso ride.

How can I know how many available discounts I have and who has redeemed my code?

In the app:

  • Tap the three lines icon to open the main menu.
  • Tap “Rewards” to see your code.
  • In the view of your code, tap the icon on the upper right corner (three dots inside a white arrow in iOS and two people inside a blue arrow in Android) to see more details.
  • In the section “Redeemed and completed a service” you can see a list of those who redeemed your code at the moment of registration and have already completed a ride, along with details of whether the corresponding discount is still available or when it was used.
  • In the section “Redeemed your code” you can see a list of the people who redeemed your code at the moment of registration, but haven’t completed their first ride with the app. Until these users complete their forst ride, the discount will not activate and neither user will be able to use it.

Will I get a discount if I share my code with active Nekso users?

No. The discount only applies if new users, who have never completed a ride with Nekso, redeem it when they register, before they complete their first ride.

Active Nekso users can’t redeem referral codes. Active users have their own code they can share with more new users.

Are the discounts combinable?

The referral discounts will be applied automatically to the next ride and are not combinable. You will receive a single 20% in one ride for each person who registers using your code.

For example, if three people you referred complete their first ride, you will get three separate 20% discounts, which will be used automatically in 3 different rides.

How can I redeem my friend’s referral code?

  • Download the passenger version of the app, with the pink icon, from Google Play Store or the App Store, according to the phone you own.
  • Tap “Register” to start the registration process. Fill all the fields and in the one dedicated to the referral code, type in your friend’s referral code, which is made up of four letters and four numbers.
  • When you complete the registration, you will get a message in the app telling you that you have a 20% discount available for your first ride.

You can only use one referral code when you register and you can only redeem it if you’re a new Nekso user.

I’m an active Nekso user, can I redeem a friend’s referral code to get a discount?

No. Only users who haven’t completed their first ride with Nekso can redeem a friend’s referral code to get a discount.

However, you can share your own code with others and that way get discounts when they use the app.

Can I use my discount during another promotion?

No. If a user registers with your code during a promotion, your discount will be used in the next ride that doesn’t qualify for any other promotion.

Can I transfer or exchange for cash my referral program discount?

No. The discounts earned with the referral program are for your exclusive use in the app. They cannot be transferred to other users or exchanged for cash or other benefits.

When do my referral discounts expire?

Your referral discounts never expire. They will be used automatically in your next ride, as long as it doesn’t qualify for any other promotion, no matter how long it has been since you got them.