What is Nekso Corporate?

Nekso Corporate is the service Nekso offers to enterprises of all kinds and sizes, through which they can request taxis for their visitors, clients or employees from an exclusive web portal.

How can I submit my Enterprise to Nekso Corporate?

To join Nekso Corporate, go to this link, there you will be able to read more about the advantages Nekso Corporate offers and at the end you will find a “Join Nekso” button.
Click on it and fill the form with the required data and wait until our team reaches out to you.
You can also write an email to expressing your interest and our team will reach out to you.

What is the difference between the guest and employee services?

The services for both guests and employees are the same, as is the method of requesting them. The only difference is guests must pay for their service in cash and the employees rides are paid by the company through Mercado Pago.

What is the Nekso Guest Identifier?

The Nekso Guest Identifier is a sticker or a notice card with a QR code and a link, exclusive to your enterprise, that allows clients and guests to request taxis from your establishment without having to download the app.

How do I request a taxi for a guest?

From your dashboard, click on “Solicitudes” under “Visitante”.
In the new page, click “Solicitar Servicios”.
Fill in the passenger data and they will receive an SMS with the information of the driver who accepts the request.
The guest must pay the service in cash.

How do I request a taxi for an employee?

From your dashboard, click “Solicitudes” under “Empleado”.
Click on “Solicitar servicio”. Enter or search the name of the employee and the start, destination and reference points.
The employee will receive via SMS the information of the driver who accepted the request.

Can my employees request a service?

Yes. Employees you have registered in your Nekso Corporate dashboard can select the option “Corporate” when they request a ride during the active hours you have stablished.

How do I register to Nekso Corporate?

A member of our support team will guided you through the registration process to Nekso Corporate.
Create your account by filling in the required information, including an image of your company’s logo, and it will be all set to use in both modes.

Can I get a receipt for a service?

Yes. You will automatically receive an email with all the information of the service and the amount payed for each corporate service for employees done, to the address you entered when you registered

Where can I see the log of rides?

In the home page of the dashboard, click “Historial” under “Empleado” or “Visitante” according to your needs.
There you will see all previous services, according to each mode, with their respective date, passenger, destination and status.

How can I add an employee?

In your Nekso Corporate dashboard, click “Empleados” and then “Listado”.
Click on the button next to “Agregar empleado” and fill in your employee’s data.
You can also upload a list of your employees in a CSV file with the column format: Name, last name, email and phone number.

How can I establish the rules of use?

In your Nekso Corporate dashboard, click “Configuración” and then “Políticas”.
There you will be able to select the maximum amount, the frequency for it, and the schedule during which the Corporate service will be available for your employees.

How do I add credit to my account?

In your Nekso Corporate Dashboard, click “Configuración” and then “Pagos”. Click “Agregar dinero”, enter the amount you want to add and click “Aceptar”.
A dialogue box from Mercado Pago will allow you to choose your payment method and will request an email address to send the result of the transaction to.
The amount will be added to your Corporate credit.